206 Kenwick Dr, Syracuse, NY

Large Scale Model Railroading

As the capabilities of Composite Designs grew we decided to broaden our focus and incorporate another passion of ours.  This passion is model railroading.  Our focus is not the small model trains that most people have running around their basements.  Ours are large enough to ride on.

Built out of steel, aluminum and fiberglass these models are built to the scale of 1″ equals 1′.  Our box cab locomotives are powered off two 12 volt battery’s and a single motor.  Able to pull two adults yet light enough and small enough to be transported in a small car.  We are proud to say that the majority of the machining, welding and fabricating is done in-house with only a few parts outsourced.  Our models use a simple driveline for reliability and ease of maintenance by hobbists.  We also stock a majority of the parts should you ever need them.